The company Tietz Video and Image Processing Systems was founded by Hans R. Tietz – who did his diploma at the lab of Prof. Hoppe, Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany. At this time, only video rate cameras were used in Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), thus the company name was derived from this fact. Since the founding of the company in 1987, TVIPS has expanded its operations to over 14 employees world-wide.
Our milestones:

  • 1987: Founded by Hans R. Tietz
  • 1991: First commercial slow-scan 1k CCD
  • 1993: First commercial Tomography software package
  • 1996: First commercial slow-scan 2k CCD (24 µm pixel size)
  • 2001: 4k slow-scan CCD (15 µm pixel size)
  • 2002: Move into a building with 750 m² with own TEM & extension of the area to 1500 m² and installation of a 2nd TEM in 2004
  • 2006: World’s first 8k Camera (TemCam-F816)
  • 2009: 4k CMOS Camera (TemCam-F416)
  • 2011: 2k CMOS Camera (TemCam-F216)
  • 2012: Release of Universal Scan Generator (USG)
  • 2014: Motorized Beamstop / Diffraction Tomography
  • 2017: Release of TemCam-XF416
  • 2017: TVIPS GK founded in Japan
  • 2019: Release of TemCam-XF416 Retractable
Camera Development

TVIPS is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of leading edge digital cameras and software for Transmission Electron Microscopy. The majority of TVIPS cameras are capable of detecting single electrons by optimising the Point Spread Function (PSF) for the pixel size of the camera

Software Development

TVIPS prides itself on the first development of a commercial tomography packages for automated acquisition of tilt series under low-dose conditions – released since 1993.
TVIPS has a dedicated software department who have many years of experience with TEM camera procedures & requirements. The Software package EM-MENU reflects the need of almost all TEM users in the fields of (cryo) biology and material science.

Training, Demonstration & Support

The training is generally carried out after the installation and includes all aspects of the hardware & software. TVIPS has 2 TEM instruments at our main office in Germany, where qualified personnel can provide training & workshops customized to the requirements of the individual or group.
At the TVIPS-GmbH office, live demonstrations can be performed on the full complement of TVIPS cameras.
Apart from our own support group in the Gauting offices, we also have trained engineers based in North America and the Asia Pacific Rim. We recommend that customers opt for a training package when purchasing a new camera.


The major markets are Europe, USA, and the Asia Pacific countries. Systems have also been installed in Australia, Africa & the Middle East. It is not our policy to publish the full details of our customers without their specific agreement. Please contact us for getting more information.

Quality Assurance

TVIPS maintains full control over the design, manufacture & assembly of the cameras.
Detailed logs of specifications & testing at TEM are maintained throughout the manufacturing & assembly processes.

Our Experience

Our team maintains a wealth of expertise, both in-house and from its users/leaders in the scientific community. TVIPS also benefits from strong working relationships with all the TEM manufacturers.