Shutterbox2Exposing with electrons will damage many materials. In order to protect the specimen while the camera is not in use, most TEMs provide a beam blanker that deflects the beam in the electron gun by using the gun tilt coils. However taking an image directly after deactivating the beam blanker, often blurs the image due to the changing charging conditions.

The new Shutterbox III allows pre-exposing the specimen, i.e. the beam illuminates the specimen, but the exposure shutter is not opened. This pre-exposure allows stabilization in the case of charging. The Shutterbox III uses the two independent TEM shutters, the pre-specimen beam blanker BB and the post-specimen exposure shutter SH.

To prevent damage to mechanical TEM shutters by too short opening times, a minimum shutter open time can also be defined (e.g. 500 ms).

  • Pre-exposure time (1 ms – 45 s)
  • Minimum shutter open time (100 ms – 2 s)
  • All timings can be defined by software (USB interface)

  • Supports up to three different cameras
  • Upgrade kit for all older TVIPS cameras
  • Provides active and passive signals for TEM interfacing