TVIPS provides a wide range of additional Tools for various applications to perfectly fit your needs.


EM-TOMO is a software for automatic acquisition of tomographic tilt series under low-dose conditions which is compatible with nearly all TEM types equipped with remote control and computer-controlled goniometer.


Semi-Automated Data Collection Software for Single Particle Work
EM-SPC is designed to allow a quick and flexible determination of areas of interests followed by an automated acquisition of spotscan images under low-dose conditions.


Navigation Software for Low-Dose Applications
This module was specifically developed for low-dose applications, in order to find the area of interest and to avoid spare exposures during searching or focusing.


Fully Automatic TEM Tuning Software
For high resolution imaging conditions it is crucial to ensure that the illumination is sufficiently parallel to the coma free axis.


Dark Field Orientation Map Tomography
As a recently developed non-destructive technique*, the DFOM is utilized for 3D grain-oriented mapping in polycrystalline specimens with a spatial resolution down to 1nm.