TemCam XF-416

TVIPS announces a new generation of CMOS based TEM cameras for high-end scientific imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy. With its 48 frames per second readout rate (4k x 4k) and Ultra High Dynamic Range TemCam-XF416(ES) is the best choice for material- and life-science and even perfectly suitable for in-situ applications.

TemCam F-216 and UHV Series

UHV systems can now benefit from the advanced CMOS sensor design and the high sensitivity of the TemCam-XF416 UHV and the TemCam-F216 UHV.


EM-MENU supports different remote controls for reading the TEM parameters and controlling the TEM in its main functions. The versatile and flexible user interface allows efficient data acquisition and image processing.

Real-Time Drift Correction

See our new Real-Time Drift Correction in action and observe the improvement in image quality...

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