Fully Automatic TEM Tuning Software

zemlinFor high resolution imaging conditions it is crucial to ensure that the illumination is sufficiently parallel to the coma free axis1. EM-ALIGN records an image series with a given beam tilt (Zemlin tableau2 ) and evaluates from the induced astigmatism the most relevant image aberrations. After a calibration procedure, the 2-fold astigmatism and beam tilt (coma-free alignment) will be corrected automatically.




1 Glaeser R. M. et al. (2011): „Precise beam-tilt alignment and collimation are required to minimize the phase error associated with coma in high-resolution cryo-EM“, Journal of Structural Biology, 174: pp 1-10.
2 Zemlin F. et al. (1978): „Coma-free alignment of high resolution electron microscopes with the aid of optical diffractograms“, Ultramicroscopy, 3: pp 49-60.