TemCam Series

For high-end scientific imaging in Transmission Electron Microscopy, TVIPS designed a new generation of CMOS based TEM cameras with active pixel sensors available in three different resolutions: TemCam-F816 (8k × 8k), TemCam-F416 (4k × 4k) and TemCam-F216 (2k × 2k).



EM-MENU supports different remote controls for reading the TEM parameters and controlling the TEM in its main functions. The versatile and flexible user interface allows efficient data acquisition and image processing.



EM-Spectro facilitates acquisition of single images or series and advanced data analysis of energy loss filtered images (EFTEM) and electron energy loss spectra (EELS) operating in TEM or STEM mode. The user friendly interface of EM-Spectro enables an intuitive and comfortable operation in both imaging and spectroscopy mode.